Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big Baby

Last Friday i went for my 6th month checkup. And it was an appointment to remember because for the first time ever EVER, i went for a checkup alone, without my husband. He had to work and frankly, it's not worth it to sneak out from Sepang to KL semata-mata nak temankan aku checkup. i thought i'm gonna dread it (sebab kononnya aku sorang loser takde laki disisi gi checkup) but surprisingly, ramai je mak-mak gi checkup sorang. It wasn't all that bad.

Checkup went smooth. Dr. Noor Fidak tengok detail scan report and dia kata ok la. Dia check jugak umbilical cord and while it's longer than Afif's, drp muka dia aku rasa she thinks it's not long enough. Aku pon tatau. Baby is still breech at 26 weeks but she's not worried. Banyak masa lagi nak turun katanya but of course aku dah start cuak. Kene banyak sujud ni supaya senang baby turun. 

Anyway, in the 7 weeks that the doctor and i did not see each other, i gained 4kgs *nanges*. 

i complained about my crazy weight gain. Dr. Fidak kata "guess what? Baby you besar. That's why badan you tak nampak naik tp berat naik. Air ketuban pon banyak ni". Apparently he weighs 1+kg while he's suppose to weigh tak sampai 800g, measuring at 28 week instead of 26 week. Wow this baby really takes after his daddy. Doctor suruh aku jaga makan, kurangkan/skip carbohydrate and sugar coz those go  straight to the baby. Banyakkan protein. As i want to try for a VBAC, memang kene jaga la baby takleh besar sangat. i don't want his size to be the alasan why i need to c-sect if everything else is ok.

So much for the myth that pregnant women can eat whatever they want. Sigh.

Before the appointment, aku memang dah start jaga makan gak sebab tanak berat sgt masa jmpa doctor haha. But now i really have to step up my game. Switched from rice to brown rice.  No more 3-in-1 coffee, only black coffee less sugar for me. Nampaknye kene la makan salad or sandwich je at lunch coz malam mesti makan nasi kat umah. Tatau la berjaya ke tak haha. And those cookies, ice cream and brownies i love? Well, i'm not gonna give them up completely but i'll try to limit them.

Pagi semalam aku timbang, i lost 1kg already. Gila takkan baru control makan 3 hari trus turun berat? Haha.

Wish me luck, guys. Ingat senang ke control makan bila tengah ngandong? Doakan jugak aku berjaya VBAC.

Hello baby!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Sekarang Afif adalah obses dengan alphabets. Speech therapist soh buat macam-macam exercise like 6 ling sounds, kenal body parts, people and daily stuff but everytime aku duduk ngajar, dia lagi suka main alphabets or vehicle. Haih la anak.

But the good thing is he now recognize and actually pronounce a few letters, walopon pelat. He knows the letters that make up his name, even though i think he doesn't know that those actually spell his name. Haha. Watch this video:


Haha maafkan mak eksaited share video ni. Frankly instagram aku asik video Afif je pastu kang orang kata riak plak anak baru pandai sket dah haplod. Kat blog ni 2-3 kerat je nampak. Haha.

Seriously, being a mom to a special child is.. unexplainable. The road is not easy but i wouldn't say it's superhard that it's a burden. i say it makes me a much better person and frankly, i can not imagine Afif any other way. Every progress is golden coz i know it's a result of hard work. 

Long way to go but we'll get there, InsyaAllah.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

6.5 Months

Yup, my pregnancy has hit the 6-month milestone.

Poor baby #2. Not much is updated this time around. Maybe it's true what they say, pregnancy/baby #1 you're so excited at becoming a mother/parent that you record all about the journey. Come pregnancy #2, #3 and so on, you'll be like, meh.

But, baby, mama loves you just as much.


Alhamdulillah, this time around, i only had a month of vomitting, nausea and morning/evening sickness. Entering second trimester i found myself sickness-free. Totally different with pregnancy#1; i didn't have appetite, vomit-fest and nausea up until the fifth (or was it sixth?) month. Easy breazy this time around. Which brought me to the next aspect of my pregnancy which is..

Weight Gain

Oh, boy. Ohhhh boyyy..

In total, i have gained 9kgs. 9kgs in 6.5 months! Every month checkup mesti naik 2 kg starting from the third month. Doctor bising gak but in my defense, i did not pig out okayy (denial). Aku makan amaun same je cam tak ngandong (denial). Just that this time around i love, love sweet stuff especially chocolate. My (almost) nightly fix consist of Chipsmore cicah dengan cold milk and my love for my own-baked Nutella brownie. i guess that's where the extra kgs come from.

My super-easy-to-make Nutella brownie.


So yeah. People have been noticing that this bump is definitely much bigger than my first bump. But it's totally okay. Afif was born at teeny weeny 2.34kg. i'm hoping baby #2 would be at a much healthier weight. Besides, i did a general health check-up and my glucose level and bone density tests came up good. i just have to be careful and watch my carbo intake from now on if i wanna lose weight easily post pregnancy.

At 19 weeks, when people started to realize i'm not just fat. i'm pregnant.

Both potos at 22 weeks. Amazing how different angles can either show or hide your baby bump.

26 weeks.
On Chuna's last day with PRD :'(


This time around i'm all about seafood and sweet stuff. i want fish, prawns, lobsters, squid, fish fish fish! At one phase, aku goreng ikan talapia ngan kunyit dan garam je or udang goreng kunyit makan ngan nasik and kicap EVERYDAY and those were the best meals ever. This baby is gonna love makanan kampung a lot coz aku memang tak berapa lalu makan pasta and other Western dishes. Dulu masa ngan Afif, aku suke makan daging and Western food.

It's true what they say. Every pregnancy is different.

Detail Scan at 23 Weeks

Last time when i was pregnant with Afif, i didn't do detail scan because my obgyn said everything looks okay. This time around, my ob/gyn advice us to do detail scan to see the umbilical cord's length. You see, Afif's umbilical cord was too short (sejengkal gitu je).. That's why he couldn't descend during labor and i ended up with a c-sect. So this time around, i'd like to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sect) but of course if my and baby's condition permit.

We went for the detail scan at 23 weeks. Aku jakun gila masa scan tu. Rupanya memang detail la dia check segala. Segala heart chamber, tulang and jari-jari tangan kaki, segala ukuran otak, perot, pundi kencing.. As for the umbilical cord, the sonographer said it's not possible to predict exactly the cord's length but if we see the cord at a few locations around the baby, it means the cord is long. Alhamdulillah, we can see the cord around the baby. InshaAllah panjang la kot idok ler sejengkal je.

 My still-kurus baby at 23 weeks.
Sleeping soundly marah kene kacau.

 The blue and red thingy is the cord.

During the last two ob/gyn visits, baby refuse to show his/her hoo-ha. Orang kata kalo dah malu-malu ni baby girl la selalunya. Naturally, rasa best gak kalo girl. Dapat la sepasang. But then having a boy would be fun too coz Afif ade la geng buli, wrestling bagai..

During this detail scan, jenuh jugak la sonographer tu godek and pujuk baby bukak sket kaki tu. Finally.. nampak jugak. Terang dan jelas.

Tak sempat sonographer nak cakap ape, i blurted out.. "Wow.. It's a boy.. Kan?"

Gelak je miss tu. "haa mama pon dah nampak kan. It's a boy!"


Kitorang laki bini were grinning like idiots.

We're gonna have another boy, guys!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Afif at 26 Months

Wow. As i looked at the title of this post, it hit me that Afif is 26 months already. i used to be the kind of person who goes "Hishhh.. Ape la kira umur anak ikot bulan. Cakap je la 2 tahun or 2 tahun setengah!" But he's not really 2 years and belom pon lagi 2 tahun setengah. So nak jugak tulis 26 bulan baahaha..

Alhamdulillah my baby is growing up happily and accordingly.

Picky Eater

i've been worried as his appetite is not as big as i wanted it to be. Aku selalu suka tengok budak makan banyak, suap je ape pon dia telan. Anak aku nan hado. Appetite bermusim. Certain days dia boleh makan nasik berlauk (feveret dia nasik, kicap manis dan ikan goreng). Kalo takde lauk baby-friendly, aku gorengkan pasta or bagi pasta bolognese je. Last two weeks dia cam sakit mulut, bila check rupanya gigi geraham tumbuh. So for two weeks, all he wanted to eat was homemade mushroom soup with bread. Homemade ok. Yang Campbell's dalam tin tu tanak. Diva sangat. He eats that for lunch and dinner EVERYDAY. God knows how many times i made mushroom soup and kept them frozen. Aku sampai takleh tengok dah mushroom soup. Porridge or pumpkin soup memang tanak ye. Skang ni dah tak sakit gigi agaknye dia feveret dia pasta plak.

On a positive side, he doesn't really eat junk food. Mungkin sebab kitorang memang tak ajar , dia tak reti makan coklat, aiskrim, cikedis sangat (kitorang makan junks when he's not around or sleeping muahaha). Aiskrim and cakes tu boleh la dia makan 2-4 suap. Keropok makan yang keropok ikan goreng kat umah tu je. Roti and yogurt dia memang suka.

Agaknye sebab dia tak suka nasik, berat dia around 11kg je. Kadang kitorang laki bini dok kata "Kesiannye la anak kita. Kurus".

Tak Tau Duduk Diam

i don't know if it's a boy thing or generally all babies at this age are like this but oh my God Afif memang tak reti langsung dok diam. The only time he can sit still is when he's writing/menconteng or watching TV/iPad (itu pon berjoget/memanjat la dia). Other than that, he'll be busy going up and down the stairs (we don't really bother to close the safety gate anymore), up and down furniture, exploring the house for lizards, ants, and cats, and wrestling the life out of Mr. Chenta and i.

Eating out is a nightmare for us. NIGHTMARE! i'm not exaggerating. He can only sit on the baby chair for two seconds. Pastu sibok nak keluar and naik turun escalator/ke jalan raya/naik turun lif/walk around. Ada sekali ni gi makan kat Adam Lai, kat situ ada akarium yang rendah (which is stupid coz kids can dip their hands or even swim in the aquarium) and all he wanted to do is dip his hands in the water while looking at me with an evil smile sambil nak masukkan tangan berair ikan tu dalam mulut. Argh! Aku tak paham camne baby lain boleh behave kat restoran. Kitorang umpan dia ngan iPad pon dia tak heran. We avoid eating out with him at all costs. Sebab boleh buat gaduh je. Humph!

He now is a bit possessive. Pantang nampak orang main ngan toys dia, mula lah nak sibuk. But he likes socializing with people especially kids his age. Masalahnya dia tak suka budak yg lagi kecik drp dia lagi. Camne nak ajar untuk sayang adik eh? Huhu

Thankfully he doesn't have bad tantrums. Tak pernah lagi la in public dia nanges guling-guling or hentak kaki. Belom reti kot. Tak reti jugak mintak benda/mainan bila gi mall/grocery shopping. i hope you stay that way forever. Baahaha.

Suke main nyorok-nyorok. Favorite hiding spot is blakang kain, blakang telekung. Bahaha. 

Orang nak main bola sepak dia pi amek bola tu bawak lari. Takmo share (-____-)

Obsessed with ABC

We try to vary the toys in his playroom mainly because he needs that for speech and language development. But for the past few weeks, dia suka nyanyi, 'baca', susun ABC je. We have ABC charts in his room pastu dapat pulak whiteboard dengan ABC magnets masa birthday haritu.. Keje dia susun alphabets all over the house je la nowadays. Pantang nampak signboard kat memana sibuk la tunjuk sambil 'membaca'. Tapi tunggang langgang la. Bahasa dia. Baahaha.

Alphabets dia tu boleh la kenal and sebut A, E, F, I, M.. Aku sebenarnya risau gak sebab cam awal je 2 tahun dah semangat nk blaja ABC. Initially letak ABC chart tu utk bagi dia kenal name objek je. Tapi bak kata laki aku, dah dia suka, takkan nak halang. Daripada tengok kartun baik tgk ABC.

Clingy Manja

i'm almost 6 months pregnant now tapi korang jangan tak tau.. He's still breastfeeding. Yes. Sigh. i know. i tried to wean him off. Letak lemon, letak asam jawa. He just brush them off with his hands and continue feeding. Aku pon heran sebab aku rase takde susu dah. i guess he's doing it purely for comfort. Sebelom tido memang minom 6-7oz FM. Tapi pastu cari aku jugak. It's mostly my fault coz i'm not stern enough. Aku tak sampai hati biar dia nanges cari nenen while i just lay there keraskan hati.

Orang kata budak nak dapat adik ni memang manja. Memang kalo aku kat rumah memang dia suka la berkepit. Kalo main, kene aku ade same and layan. Tengok ipad/tv kene beriba or dia suka aku letak tangan atas peha dia. Kadang tu tetiba dia datang and pelok cium. Tido malam kene berpelok. Hihi. Sian daddy di pinggiran.

Mama kene dok sebelah dia teman membaca, main bagai..

Hearing and Speech

Alhamdulillah he's progressing good. Dr. Basha is very happy with his progress. Dah ada la a few words yang walopon pelat, tapi kitorang boleh paham. His hearing age is 11 months but his hearing and speech progress at age 13 months. This is good news because although his progress is a bit behind than his actual age, it is still more advance than his hearing age.

Among his words are daddy, mama, air, apple (dia sebut a-em). Consonant sounds still limited tapi vowel sounds ok dah. Contoh kaki = a-i. Cicak = i-ak. Habis = a-es. Afif = a-i jugak. Haha. 

Dr. Basha kata speech development memang start dengan vowel sounds dulu. InshaAllah he'll be able to pronounce words better when he hears more of it. Mama and daddy have to talk non-stop kasi dia banyak exposed to words. Baik lah!

All in all, alhamdulillah. Makin lama makin bijak. Nak jadi abang pon haa..

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Story

Been listening to this song over and over again these past few weeks.
It's an old song but mannnn.. Berhantu.
Maybe it's because it's December.
Mr. Chenta's and my birthday.
The anniversary of our dating years.
The anniversary of our wedding.
All in one month.


"Oh because even when I was flat broke
You made me feel like a million bucks
You do, I was made for you

You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what I've been through
Like you do
And I was made for you"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sneeze Fest

The past 3 days have been challenging.

Came down with flu and non-stop sneeze fest on Monday afternoon. Sampai rumah terus melepet sampai malam. Mr. Chenta pepandai la jaga Afif aku dah takleh bangon.

Tuesday morning i woke up with an awful throb in my head, a fever and a nose full of snot that i could barely breathe without my mouth hanging open. Tissue papers full of snot around me. Not a pretty sight at all. Melepet all day. Sian anak aku mintak perhatian, ajak main, mintak nenen tapi tak berapa dilayan. i did not take any medications coz i'm worried it might affect the baby in my tummy.

Tengah hari tu gi klinik nak mintak ubat and MC. Doktor boleh kasi paracetamol je, vitamin B complex, ubat sakit tekak and nasal spray. Ubat selsema dia tak brani bagi katanya. She's really concerned coz my blood pressure is very low. 90/60. Katanya kalo low pon patut nya cannot go lower than 70 (nombo yang bawah tu). Takot blood flow ke baby tak cantik. Dia pesan soh banyak banyak minom air and rest. Of course la aku risau. 

Wednesday morning still demam, sakit kepala and hidung sumbat tambah plak ngan batuk. Cukup pakej. Pas makan roti, makan ubat. Still tak larat gi keje so aku gi klinik balik sebab nak mintak MC harini. Doctor check blood pressure lagi rendah drp semalam. 90/53 pulak. Seriously how do you elevate blood pressure? Ingatkan dapat la rest the whole day tapi dapat plak appointment alert kat phone for Afif's post-surgery follow up kat Sunway Medical. Gagahkan hati teman hubby and Afif pi check up. Lama la jugak petang baru settle. 

Here i am today at work. Tak larat dah nak MC sebabnye kalo dok umah pon still kene layan Afif ku sayang. Bertabah je la dok opis ni haa..

It's true what they say. There's no sick days for moms. Kalo dulu Afif kat umah babysitter dapat la jugak aku tido melepet bila MC. Ni sejak husband ku unpaid leave jaga dia, kalo MC pon aku kene melayan. Tak dapat bayangkan camne la full time housewife rasa bila sakit still kene jaga anak.

All in all, i'm just praying that baby in my tummy will not be affected by my fever and blood pressure.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bun in the Oven: Round Two

As the title suggests, i'm PREGNANT, peeps!

Been meaning to blog about it for a while but mannn tak terkejar dek jari jemari ku.

Alhamdulillah. We're overjoyed by this!

Truthfully, ikot hati memang dah lama nak baby lagi. Sebabnya aku slalu rindu time pregnant. Umur pon nak masuk 3-series tahun depan. Tapi memikirkan dlu aku c-sect so cam lek ah duluuu..

Another main reason why we waited is because of Afif. He needs constant interaction with us to promote listening and speech development. Kalo ada adik, takot tak terbahagi masa. Based on my observation, parents lain yang dedicated memang tunggu 4-5 tahun sebelom konfiden nak beranak lagi. Ada sorang akak ni, sampai her deaf daughter tu dah 7 tahun, baru dia conceive balik. So we prayed hard. If having a little brother/sister will impact Afif's speech development, jangan bagi dulu. But if a lil' brother/sister could help him develop better (sebab ada kawan untuk dia main, sekali gus interact and improve bahasa), sila lah bagi skang.

Alhamdulillah, positive plak pregnancy test. Memang terkejot weh. We take it as a sign that it'll all be okay.

i'm well into my second trimester now. Gonna be 17 weeks on Wednesday.

 12th week ultrasound

16th week ultrasound.
Membesar bagai jaguh anak mama, baru 16 weeks but measured at 17 weeks already.

At 15 weeks of pregnancy.
Sempat gi concert Mariah Carey. Gigih!
Muat lagi jeans zaman baru grad uni. But i think it won't be long till i have to be in maternity clothes.

This time around, i took precautionary steps as soon as i found out i'm pregnant. Telan vitamin C bebanyak nak buff up immune system. Takmo demam panas especially in the first trimester cam masa pregnant Afif dulu. Ada jugak risau takot this baby pon kurang dengar cam abang dia but we're praying and hoping for the best.

Harap korang pon sudi lah doakan baby ni sihat sempurna, jadi insan soleh/solehah ye. Amin.

Monday, October 20, 2014

i Want to Touch a Dog.. Or Maybe Not

Again, after the Octoberfest issue, Malaysians are shook with another religion/cultural sensitive issue.

To be honest, when i saw the promo for "i Want to Touch a Dog" event, i was tempted.

Because to be honest, i like them dogs, especially the ones that looks like fox. Siberian husky is it? And another one is Shiba Inu. So fluffy, so cute, so loyal and so friendly (at least that's how they look on tvs). Cats are not really my thing because.. well, after living with them for years, i found that they're boring. At least you can play fetch with a dog, take them for walks, and (again from tvs) they understand you when you talk to them. And they sit by your grave when you die (blame the tv). Cats just meow and ask for more food.

So there you have it. A confession for me. Yes, i like dogs. 

As much as i love this wonderful creature, i'm also a Muslim. Not only Muslim by name, i'm practicing Muslim. Part of being a Muslim is questioning and understanding why certain things are restricted/limited/forbidden in Islam. And being a Muslim, of course i refrain myself from getting near dogs.

So back to the "i Want to Touch a Dog" event. i'm sure whoever organized the event has a good intention at heart. The objective was something like to overcome people's fear of dogs, to show that dogs are not haraam, and to create awareness about samak/sertu. 

When i heard about that, i thought it was somewhat good idea and i also thought "Boy, this will be controversial"

i decided not to go anyway. Because..

1) i was unclear of  what the hukum is for us to pet dogs without reason (anjing sakit ke, nak kasi makan ke ape memang diharuskan..) 
2) if Afif likes them dogs, dah satu hal plak everytime nampak anjing dia nak pet. Besides, he's still so little he doesn't understand right from wrong. Kang tak pasal-pasal mintak anjing dengan alasan "dulu Mama tak ingat ke kite sayang anjing tewww"
3) i already love dogs. Takyah gi kempen segala to nurture my love for dogs
4) malas nak bangon pagi baahaha

On the day of the event,i was shocked to see people, especially Muslims, posting pictures of them not only touching/petting, but hugging and carrying the adorable dogs. My thought was "leceh nyaaa kene samak baju segala.." 

True enough, the event received mixed review. Ada yang sokong tapi banyaknya memang bash la those Muslims yang bangga bergambar peluk anjing. Lain objective, lain yang jadi. Hakak-hakak yang pelok anjing tu naik sheikh agaknya bergambar tak ingat siap ada caption bangga.

Answering my question on hukum memegang anjing untuk suka-suka, here's a fatwa by Jakim:

i love UAI's take on this:

Haa.. Moh peluk biawak!

In the end, i think that the event brings more harm than good. Ko nak pegang anjing ke peluk ke, sila lah. Tak perlu buat kempen camni. Ade je anak-anak dato', tan sri bela anjing. Lantak dia la. Tak ajak orang maka orang pon tak la bising. 

Benda camni menimbulkan pergaduhan. Last-last Muslim sama Muslim gak bergaduh and non-Muslims akan pandang serong kat Islam 'itu tak boleh ini tak boleh' katanya. Apa pon takbley..

Let's just live in peace and respect each other's belief.

p/s: bak kata kawan aku, benda yang dilarang la orang nak buat. Tapi bagi aku, sendiri kena ingat pada pegangan. Contohnya aku teringin nak ada tattoo. Tapi dah benda tu haram, kene la ikot hukum hoii. Sama la kisah pegang anjing ni. Tak payah nak liberal sangat la.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Little Update

i seriously miss blogging.

The past two months have been eventful that i hardly have time to write. Work is crazy. personal life is also crazy. In a nutshell:

1) Shaf Got Engaged
- My bestfriend, Shaf, got engaged to her boyfriend Shafiq!

The bride-to-be & i
Please please notice that i'm wearing my wedding skirt. Happy mak sebab still muat walopon ketat sket. Muahahaha 

Bestfriends since 1999
Sebelom tu kawan je tak kawan baik. Baahaha.

2) Family + GF Vacay in Lombok
- Shaf, Shaq, Mr. Chenta, Afif and i spent 4 days 3 nights in Lombok. That place is so beautiful it deserves an entire post for itself. Will upload it sometime this week. i promise!

View at The Chandi Resort & Spa, Lombok.

3) Afif & Rotavirus
-Tak sempat habis rasa ke-best-an becuti di Lombok, Afif kene diarrhea yang dahsyat. It all started during our flight back from Lombok to KL. Lagi sejam nak sampai KL, dia start poo poo dalam flight. Ok fine tukar pampers. Ok je poo poo dia tak cair or anything. 20 minutes after that, kitorang bau lagi dia poo poo. Busok. Pastu nampak pampers dah nak bocor kat tepi tu. Cepat-cepat tukar kat lavatory. Sampai airport, poo poo lagi.
- We reached home at about 6pm. He continued poo poo yang cair. Kesian. Malam tu demam yang panas. Kasi PCM pon kejap je kebah. Pastu demam balik.
- The next morning, kami risau sebab demam tak reda and masih diarrhea. Bawak dia gi PCMC's ER. His temperature was 39.9°C! Doctor and nurse cecepat masukkan ubat bontot (first time ever for him) and lap badan dia ngan kain basah. Unfortunately, wad paedriatric was full. We chose to go to Columbia Asia Setapak (CAS) instead.
- Sampai CAS, jumpa paed nama Dr. Faizal. Dia check Afif. Thankfully he did not look dehydrated yet. Menangis still keluar air mata. Bibir only a bit dry. But he admitted Afif to the ward, just to make sure he's well hydrated.
- We spent 3 days at the hospital. On the second day memang confirm Afif kene rotavirus. Thankfully he didn't puke. Not even once. Tapi memang berbelas kali la kuar masuk toilet basuh poo poo dia. Kesian dengan bontot melecetnya. Dah la second day tu aku sorang yang jaga dia coz hubby had to go to work.
- Bila dah discharged, dia still cirit birit kat rumah. Thankfully the next day terus okay. Alhamdulillah.
- i honestly did not think that the food or water in Lombok caused the diarrhea. Coz we were pretty choosy of where and what we eat (except for on the third day makan kat warung. Tapi kalo kene kat situ, mesti la within hours dia dah start cirit). i think the baby changing room at the airport that we went to just before departing is the culprit.

It's crazy how much difference a day could make. 
One day he's at his healthiest, bersuka ria kat Lombok. The next day terlantar kat katil hospital.

 Time ni memang nak berkepit je la. 
Asalnya aku tengah in-training to wean him off the breast. But since he's sick, he only wants to breastfeed 24/7. Reject trus susu formula.

Kesian boring dok spital Memang ngadap Upin Ipin, Barney and Pocoyo je la kat iPad.
Ada hikmah jugak sakit. Dia tetiba pandai sebut 3 words in those 3 days. 
Ani = Barney
Air = Air (sebab tengok aku asik bancuh Ribena+garam ORS tu)
Ish = Fish

4) Sister-in-law Flew Off to UK to Further Study
- My sister-in-law, Farah, is now a postgraduate student at University of Surrey. She's Afif's favorite aunt, sebab memang dok skali pon. Dia yang gi study, aku yang excited. i now have a reason to go to UK again! Muahahaha..

Sending Kakak off to UK.
Yang bestnya, MIL pon ikot sebab nak settlekan dia kat sana. Ikot hati nak je ikot skali. Kalo la duit tumbuh kat pokok..

5) Mr. Chenta is Now a Temporary Stay-at-home Dad!
- Because Afif needs round the clock interaction with us, ideally i have to stay at home and be his speech therapist. i did that earlier this year (3-months unpaid leave). Kali ni, laki aku plak voluntarily offer diri nak jaga Afif. Nak merasa plak katanya. So he's on 3-months unpaid leave jugak. Is he a superdaddy or what? i'm one lucky girl!
- So far so good. Baru dia tau penatnya jadi full time househusband. Dr. Basha is so impressed seeing Afif's improvement after only 1-week hubby cuti. Sapa kata mak je yang pandai jaga anak?

6) Afif Turned 2!
- Last Saturday was Afif's second birthday! Time passes by just like that. Sebab tahun lepas takde any birthday celebration untuk dia (seketul kek pon takde wey), we decided to throw him a party. This too, deserve a whole post for itself. Will update later.

Okay that's all i got for now. Till next post!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Overly Attached Son

Anak bujang.. Memang orang kata sangat manja dengan mama dia. Afif pon. Memang manja memang clingy dengan aku. Tapi manja dan clingy dia tak la over possessive. Dia tak kisah pon kalo aku main or bermesra dengan baby lain.

Or so i thought.

Until last Wednesday.

Hubs' best friend, Faiz and Shila together with the cute Ayra datang beraya. i though Afif and Ayra could get along well like they did last time. Harapan tinggal harapan. Aku dukung Ayra, dia nangis datang siap nk pukul Ayra. Nasib baik aku sempat tahan. Pastu dia peluk aku kuat-kuat. Dok je kat riba aku and kalo main pon, jeling-jeling nak make sure Ayra tak manje-manje ngan aku. Pastu Ayra main toys dia yang dia tak main pon, pastu dia datang laju-laju, rampas toy tu, letak tepi and blah. Sigh, bila dah nampak asik gaduh je, aku kasi diorang iPad and pasang Upin Ipin dengan harapan boleh berdamai. Harapanku hancur. Afif dok depan-depan iPad tu sambil pegang. Dengki tahap gaban.

Malam tu pegi beraya. Ada la sorang baby ni baya-baya dia jugak. Aku tak dukung pon budak tu. Just salam and pgang tangan je. Dia nampak dari jauh, laju-laju datang dengan muka nak lepuk budak tu. Cepat2 aku dukung dia.

OMG sejak bila anak Mama kedekut Mama and kedekut toys ni??

That phase has come for him. The self-centered, everything-is-mine phase. 

p/s: camni nyer perangai, camne awak nak ada adik? :p